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Forum » Public Forum » Clan Semper Fidelis Growing and Moving Into The Future » Calling on Alliance Help in Stocking My Clan Store (Discussing Alliance Help)
Calling on Alliance Help in Stocking My Clan Store
semperfidelisdsDate: Friday, 2011-01-21, 11:44 AM | Message # 1
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I have found that i am needing to talk to all Clans and members of the PNW alliance. This discussion is about personal things that are causing me problems in keeping my store open, and requesting help from you all help me keep the store stocked.

Some of you may know that my health has been bad for a while and is slowly getting worse. Do to my illness of COPD that affects my breathing, sleep and memory i am finding it very hard to keep my store DS Super Store space 568 one space below Farmers Inn, stocked with enough merchandise. Trying to keep it stocked by myself has gotten to almost an impossibility and with out help i will soon be forced to close it.

I am hoping to find the help through Alliance Clans and Members to sell items directly to the store, or directly to me of items such as buff pots, teleports, herbs of all kind and other items that are brewed.

Due to the new amount of stores that have opened or changed owners, and the prices that they sell their items for, which are basically price wars to where they have dropped prices so low that they cannot make any profit and only hurt serious dealers like myself. Most of these store owners price their items so low that they can't even keep their stores stocked and they sooner or later either close or sell their stores to others who continue the price wars.

I try to keep as many items in my store as possible, when i get very low on certain items i raise the prices basically so they don't sell until my stock of that item is raised, then i lower those prices to competitive prices. This is the only way that i can afford to pay the 150 plat rent each month to keep the store open. The store is my main way to enjoy the game, and also the only way I can afford to keep playing.

That is why I have made this post to you all, I hope that you can find ways to help me keep my store stocked, there by keeping it viable for me to continue to play DS. I started the alliance PNW for peaceful players and clans, due to my health I know I don't chat a lot in alliance chat or join in hunts and activities as much as i use to or would like to now. My illness makes it where i sleep 12 to 14 hours a day, fall asleep at the keyboard and have trouble because of lack of oxygen with my memory and and ability to be active online as much as i use to. It is also why this may seem to some of you to be a rambling message.

I am not asking for your help for free or by donations, although anyone who wants to help in that way i won't turn down )), I am willing to pay either through the store or directly to me. If donations are made or if I am buying items from players or clans I will also make gold donations to those who actively help me out.

I thank you for your time in reading this post, and for any help you may be able to give me. Please feel free to whisp me any time to discuss what items I may be needing, prices I can pay or anything else you may feel will help me.

Thanks again for your help and friendship,
Skype name is ... blackmark55 ... i can also be contacted through there.
God Bless all clans and members of PNW

PS please pass this on to everyone in your clan or PNW alliance

Forum » Public Forum » Clan Semper Fidelis Growing and Moving Into The Future » Calling on Alliance Help in Stocking My Clan Store (Discussing Alliance Help)
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